Well, we’re settling back into our fall routine over here: I head off early to school, Chris gets up and plants himself in front of his current Lightroom catalog, I teach 8th graders Algebra all day, he answers emails and edits photos all day, I come home, we eat dinner, we both keep working. (Sometimes there’s a nap in there, too. Thirteen-year-olds can be both physically and emotionally exhausting sometimes.) This is our crazy life right now, and we love it.

    Actually, I should confess that yesterday we skipped a lot of the post-afternoon work and went to meet some of our good friends who were visiting from out of town. Kris and Becky are blog regulars over here, and baby Jackson ups their family cuteness factor even more! In honor of their mini-vacay to San Diego, we wanted to show off their latest family shoot. We celebrated Jackson’s one-year mark by heading downtown to the outdoor park of the New Children’s Museum and letting him do what all one-year-olds want to do: explore! That kid is now on the move and don’t you dare keep him from climbing over every short wall he can find or rifling through a garden bed.

    We love you, Jackson Kristopher! (And you, too, Becky and Kris!) 😉



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