Hey, everyone! I hope everyone else is excited as I am that fall has finally decided to arrive in San Diego. I checked weather.com to make sure it was really going to stick this time (it’s pulled the ol’ bait and switch trick a couple times already), and guess what? For at least the next 15 days, it will feel like fall around here. This is especially good news for me, because all I’ve been wanting to do lately is curl up with a blanket and rest while I wait for this baby to finish cooking! We are exactly one week from our due date today, but I am definitely ready to meet this little guy sooner rather than later.

    Because of Baby Trementozzi, we’ll be going on a photography hiatus through the end of the year. Unless you’ve already booked something, you’ll have to wait till January to schedule a session with us, unfortunately. This is the time of year we usually do mini sessions, and while we’d love to capture your families this season (for the third or fourth time for many of you!) we just had to let the mini sessions go this year. Babies are so unpredictable, and with our luck, this one would decide to make his debut on the exact day we were holding sessions. Even more unfortunately, all our photographer friends who are doing mini sessions this year, have already told us they are fully booked! We looked far and wide to find some good peeps to pass you along to, but this is just a busy year for photographers it seems! However, there is a great opportunity with our friends at Gantes.co for holiday photos and a party. They are partnering up to throw a party called Common Good where you can take your holiday photos in three Amigobooths (unlimited photo ops!), shop for gifts, enter the raffles and win cool stuff, hang out & meet new friends, enjoy some local brews, and do a craft to bring the fam, where 100% of all tickets will go to supporting a great cause. Make sure you check it out and get your ticket. $10 a ticket = unlimited amigobooth holiday cards photos. Sweet deal right?!

    Okay! On to today’s pictures!

    This wedding was a pretty awesome one for us to shoot, because the bride is my baby sister! Super cool to get to be part of the day in a special way. The photographers are the ones who are with the bride and groom all day long, so we actually got to spend more time with Britt and Gar than if we were just there as family! Sure, it made family pictures a bit more interesting, but we managed to sneak ourselves into those big group pictures when necessary. 🙂 Britt was gorgeous, obviously, and her burlap and lace decor (with bursts of teal!) style was sweetly simple. The glass-bottle Coke favors were of course a huge hit, but I know Britt was most excited about that adorable cake! It looks like a tree stump, with their initials “carved” in and everything–how cute is that?

    Britt and Gar, you guys are cute. We loved getting to photograph your day and watching your marriage grow daily! You’re going to make great future baby-sitters. 😉

    – J


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