It’s summer!

    Last Friday, after an extensive (and slightly mind numbing) CPR class, my school finally closed up shop on the school year. Chris and I celebrated with some ice cream while we scoped out a venue for an upcoming wedding.

    My goodness, i’m in shock because I don’t have to do anything. It’s amazing.

    Also amazing are these friends of ours. We love doing Jen and Justin shoots. This time around, Jen requested an outdoorsy, family trek in the woods type session, and we were more than happy to make an afternoon of it in the Lagunas. When Jen said they were going to build a tipi in the woods, I had my doubts, but I should know better by now to question whether Jen can pull off an idea. Build a tipi they did, and then they smushed underneath it for snuggles and pictures.

    Things I love: The girls boots and pearl necklaces, Jen’s orange headband, Zoey’s sassy pants looks at the camera, how Trinity is never looking at the camera, and the little love shoot with just Jen and Justin by the tipi… that lasted all of 20 seconds before the girls came and jumped on them for more snuggles. 🙂

    Happy summering, people!

    – J


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