Back at it, the blog! Is it me, or is this year flying by? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Flying by. One quarter of the year already down. Oh, and did you guys all get your taxes done? That’s always the highlight of our year… (A: nope). Well we are just moving full steam ahead and chugging along.

    There are few things I’m really into right now. I love video games and Monument Valley is one of the most enjoyable app games I’ve played in a long time. Check it out. The new Death Cab album, Kintsugi, came out and I’ve pretty much had it on repeat every day. It’s really good. Go listen. Plus, so excited for the Mumford and Sons album coming out in a couple weeks. The few songs they have released are gold and The Wolf is my favorite. Game of Thrones came back and we just can’t get enough of the series. It leaves us always wanting more, but there are no happy endings in this show. You know what’s the best though, editing while alternating between listening to the new Death Cab and watch episodes of Game of Thrones. Yup. that’s a good day.

    In case anyone is looking for a camera, we have one of our old D300 back-ups for sale. We just invested in some new D750 camera bodies and so out with the old, in with the new. You can check out the details with this link, but we’ve barely used it and it’s in great condition. Let us know if you are interested.

    Brittney and Alex are pretty much the cutest and totally down to get into a little trouble with us. Allegedly, we were traipsing around on some Indian land out in Ramona for their session when we were confronted by one of the locals. The guy seemed a little irritated that we were there, but there weren’t any fences or signs and we were just off the street of a main road. So, come on! He agreed not to tell any of the other locals if we agreed not to tell them he confronted us if anyone else came along. Fair deal I think. So we keep shooting and then we start hearing gun shots very close by. There happened to be an open shooting range area across the street from where we were, but we didn’t know that at the time. Brittney and Alex just kept smiling. As we were leaving, some ominous car did appear down the way and started making it’s way toward us, so we just booked it out of there. But judging from the pictures, who would have known we were on some covert mission? 🙂 Enjoy.

    — C


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