Hey, hey, hey! So it’s been almost a month since we last posted, yikes! I don’t think we’ve mentioned it on the blog so far, but we welcomed our first babe in November, and he’s taking up quite a bit of our time these days. We love his scrumptious face to death, and are so proud with how alert and inquisitive he is… but sometimes it’s hard when he absolutely will not let us put him down to get a couple of things done. He currently loves people and sitting, and so he always wants a person to hold him in a sitting position so he can look around and see what’s going on at all times. Plus, he’s already sleeping through the night (knock on every piece of wood I can find), so he’s not needing (nor will he take) many good naps throughout the day. We’re lucky if he falls asleep for a full hour usually!

    Luckily, he’s in one of those naps right now, so I’ve got some time to sit down and actually write! This post has been ready to go for a week already, just waiting for the words before we post.

    Today we’re featuring one of our favorite families, the Brumfields! They really are some of our faves– Chris took Lincoln up to their house in Ramona last week for Lincoln’s first play date with James and Cailyn. From what I hear, all three kids had a blast!

    On this occasion, we were celebrating Cailyn turning one. Matt and Donna wanted to go for a beach theme this time around, so we went to the Crystal Pier for a new look. The pier did not disappoint. Neither did the sun! The light pouring in through those beams was heavenly. Little Miss Cailyn was an absolute doll for her solo shoot, rocking those pearls and tutu. And James just thought it was the coolest thing to chase the tide down the sand, then run away screaming when it turned to follow him back up.



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