I am super stoked that it is spring break around here. If you’re a teacher or a student, you are probably like me trying to soak in every minute of the freedom and sunshine this week before the last quarter of school starts. This year seemed to fly by for me with my 8th graders, and I’m kind of astounded that in about 9 weeks we’ll be on summer break! Astounded and excited, oh yes.

    This week we’re bringing you the gorgeous and handsome Laura and Jon. We did their engagement photos recently at Marian Bear Park (which is a place I want to go hiking this summer, thanks for reminding me, guys!). As you can see from the photographs below, it was still the depths of fall in San Diego, which of course meant adorable boots and a leaf throwing party. And Jon and Laura are so super cute together with their amazing style, so I know their wedding next month is going to be phenomenally fantastic.

    PS: Jon and Laura’s engagement was featured on the Exquisite Weddings blog earlier this year, so head on over there for even more photos from this beautiful engagement session!



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