Goodness, it’s been cold! Chris and I have very poor insulation in our house so it’s always freezing when we get home. Luckily, we have good space heaters. Unluckily, those things cost so much to run! It has made for some very cuddly nights with two cats piled on top of us trying to get warm.

    Anywho. Let’s talk about these lovely soon-to-be-parents.

    Oh, man, this is one of my favorite recent shoots. Brian and Felicia are expecting their little guy sometime this month, and we had a blast walking around the coolest little hiking area near their house. Seriously, I’m in love with this location. Like, in love to the point that Chris and I are now seriously considering moving to Rancho Penasquitos. I mean, look at this place! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Brian and Felicia are gorgeous people to go along with the gorgeous scenery. They’re going to have one good-looking kid, people.



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