Yay, Christmas!

    Still on break here, folks, and loving every last second of it. This year for Christmas I got so many goodies to feed my little creative heart, and I’ve been having so much fun making and dreaming and planning out projects. Today is a perfect rainy day to sit at home in front of the heater and play with crafts, but I am taking a momentary break to bring you the weekly blog post, because it’s just way too cute not to share.

    Meet Dylan & Kimmie! They’re getting married next month–a wintery, January wedding! I love! We went out to the Descanso area to capture their engagement shoot while Dylan was home from training (he’s a professional baseball player–how cool is that?), and wound up at this old industrial barn structure off the main road. Along with having this awesome backdrop (check out those teal windows!), these two made this session super easy by being the most adorable couple ever right off the bat. Love it. After the barn we went exploring down a trail and emerged in the most gorgeous patch of trees and greenery. The sun was coming in just right through the branches, and I was seriously ready to move there on the spot. Descanso sure has some peaceful and gorgeous spots that sneak up on you when you’re not looking!

    Looking through these photos gets me so stoked for your wedding this coming month! Can’t wait to get back together with you guys and make some more beautiful images!



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