Man, this whole getting ready for a baby thing takes up so much time! And for that I apologize because blogging has been lacking. But to give you guys a little update on baby Trementozzi, we are 33 weeks along and it seems like he will be here in no time. Jordan is in the super uncomfortable, it’s really hard to move around and sleep stage, and I am trying to be the supportive husband who picks up everything she drops, and just about anything else Jordan asks me to do. 🙂 We are still frantically working on getting the nursery put together, but it’s just taken so much longer than anticipated and because of it, our house is a bit upside-down.

    Anyways, let’s just jump right into today’s post. Tiffani and Emerald are getting married next week(!!) so we thought we’d share their engagement session. They are both just the kindest people with these huge smiles, and we just hit it off with them right off the back. We explored the natural setting of Marian Bear park before heading down to North Park for a little urban vibe. Enjoy the photos my friends!



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